Daily Harvest meal service enlists FDA after recall and illness claims

Daily Harvest meal service enlists FDA after recall and illness claims

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Daily Harvest, a service that offers home deliveries of frozen vegan foods that it claims are good for consumers and the environment, is dealing with allegations that one of its products made people sick. The celebrity-backed company is “working with a group of experts to help us get to the bottom of this” following complaints from customers who said they experienced stomach, liver and gallbladder problems after eating their French leek and lentils. crumbling, enlisting the Food and Drug Administration, “microbiologists, toxin and pathogen experts, as well as allergists” to identify any problems, it said in a note to customers posted Wednesday on Instagram.

“All pathogen and toxicology results have come back negative so far, but we are continuing to conduct extensive testing and will keep you updated,” the company wrote in the post.

The company said on Sunday that it had advised anyone who bought the product, a mix that includes lentils, pumpkin, quinoa, hemp seeds and cremini mushrooms and was marketed as a crisp plant-based dressing, to get rid of it.

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That move followed reports on social media of people saying they had eaten the crumble and subsequently experienced a range of symptoms that seemed serious, including extreme nausea, cramps, fever, body itching and signs of liver problems. On Wednesday, the Daily Harvest said in its Instagram post that it had been in contact with “customers who have reported adverse reactions and are collecting data to further the investigation.”

A Daily Harvest representative did not respond to a query about how much of the product had been distributed, referring The Post to the language in the published statement. An email from an FDA spokesperson said the agency could neither confirm nor deny an investigation that is not on its public list of outbreaks (Daily Harvest is not mentioned on it). “Depending on the severity of the problem, an FDA investigator may visit the complainant, collect product samples, and initiate inspections,” the spokesperson wrote.

The company, which was founded in 2015 and has reportedly attracted influencers and famous investors including Serena Williams, Gwyneth Paltrow, Shaun White and Bobby Flay, billed itself as a purveyor of sustainably harvested food. “Daily Harvest is on a mission to make it really easy to eat more fruits and vegetables every day,” says the company’s website, which offers a variety of frozen bowls, smoothies and flatbreads. “From seed to plate, we are committed to a better food system, one that prioritizes human and planetary health.”

Customers expressed frustration with how the company handled the problem. Daily Harvest added updates to several promotional Instagram posts that point to a link to “an important message about our French Lentil + Leek Crumbles.” Commenters complained that the company wasn’t being more forthright about potential issues and flooded their posts with spikes. To a post that featured a whimsical image of potatoes peeled to look like people in bathing suits, with the caption “The sun is rising, the sun is rising,” one user replied: “You know what else is out there? You’re trying to cover up crumb contamination… Zero transparency, you lost a customer in me for life!

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