Elden Ring’s SNES fan demake is packed with nostalgia

Elden Ring’s SNES fan demake is packed with nostalgia

Video game demakes are a delight, whether they’re playable projects or animated videos that simply imagine a classic console-style game. It’s nostalgic and delightful to see a popular pixel game: the game’s fearsome enemies are reduced, though no less intimidating.

A new project from the popular demake YouTuber 64 Bits imagines elden ring for the Super NES. It opens with a panoramic view of the Erdtree, before showing the player, riding Torrent of course, exploring the world map. The YouTube video reinterprets it as a classic Legend of Zelda-style overworld map, where physically traversing it takes the player to a new level of region.

The best part of the demake is the way it portrays some of elden ringThe most famous characters of pixel art. There’s the troll Stormgate, one of the first trolls players encounter, as well as Radahn on top of his perfect horse, Leonard. More beloved characters also appear, such as Ranni, a Pot Boy, and the majority important, the Turtle Pope. Here’s the best part: when a player approaches the turtle, they are given response options (based on a popular meme) to the “Praise the dog” message. The answer is an obvious “good”.

There’s a lovely cognitive dissonance in demaking elden ring The game world is huge and full of secret regions, divided into various levels. Hidden caves and castles dot the map. It’s hard to imagine the game on previous generation consoles, but it’s fun to think about what it would look like. And numerous fans have done just that, creating demakes for both the Game Boy and the original PlayStation.

64 Bit has become known for its demake videos, such as mass effect for GameBoy Advance and God of War for PlayStation. These videos capture the nostalgia of the era, thanks to their attention to detail, from the in-game menus and loading screens to the sound design of the text that plays on screen. They also show what a hard copy of the game would look like if it had been released around that time, eg 64 Bit. God of War The demake video shows an illustrated cover on the cover of a CD-ROM case.

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