Google News gets more personal with desktop redesign

Google News gets more personal with desktop redesign

Google News got a fresh coat of paint for desktop users on its 20th birthday, with a redesign that puts more focus on local news and personalized content.

Users can now more easily customize the themes displayed to them by pressing the blue “customize” button in the right column (it appears just below “Choices for you”). They can also add multiple locations to the “Local News” section by pressing the settings button to the right of the Local News header.

In practical terms, the biggest change is that various news categories, such as world, business, science and health, have been moved from the left side of the screen to a menu bar at the top. You can compare the before and after in the screenshots of the new design (above) and the old one (below).

The old Google News layout placed topics in the left column and left more room for weather.

Google News has been around for 20 years, after launching in 2002.
Image: Google

Google says it has also expanded its “Fact Check” section, which highlights debunkings of viral claims from organizations like Full Fact. However, it’s actually not that prominent and is tucked away in a section most visitors won’t see at the bottom of the home page.

Overall, I think the redesign of Google News makes it look more like a newspaper front page than an aggregate feed like an RSS feed (RIP Google Reader). It’s a fairly small change, but a welcome one.

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