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Jon Gruden’s lawyer: Roger Goodell’s testimony shows NFL is still resisting actual accountability

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Many are closely watching Commissioner Roger Goodell’s testimony before Congress. Lawyers representing former Raiders coach Jon Gruden watch and listen.

“It was evident from Commissioner Goodell’s testimony today that the NFL is still reluctant to be held accountable and is only willing to be selectively transparent,” attorney Adam Hosmer-Henner said in a statement Wednesday. “In the Jon Gruden lawsuit, the Nevada court completely rejected the NFL and Commissioner Goodell’s attempt to force arbitration and hide their conduct from the public. If they appeal, we welcome the opportunity for the Nevada Supreme Court to issue a published opinion upholding the ruling and invalidating the NFL Constitution and the unfair arbitration provisions the NFL has hidden for so long. Jon Gruden’s fight is important to many more people than himself and there will be no real responsibility until the NFL’s misconduct is no longer addressed behind closed doors.”

The clock for an appeal has not yet started ticking, because a final order denying the NFL’s attempt to force Gruden’s lawsuit in the NFL’s secret and rigged kangaroo court has yet to be issued.

Gruden’s lawsuit stemmed directly from the Commanders situation, as the emails that were leaked to the media came from a collection of emails that were collected as part of the investigation. If the league successfully takes the case to arbitration, it will be in a much better position to prevent details about who leaked the materials from coming out.

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