Mike Tomlin shoots down Antonio Brown return for Steelers

Mike Tomlin shoots down Antonio Brown return for Steelers

Antonio Brown burned every bridge in sight during his departure from the Pittsburgh Steelers, but could a return to the team be feasible for one of the NFL’s most fickle players?

Mike Tomlin isn’t holding his breath.

The Pittsburgh Steelers discussed their former wide receiver and more during an appearance on The Pivot Podcast. When asked about the possibility of Brown returning to Pittsburgh, Tomlin was blunt:

“Everyone knows that’s not going to happen.”

Tomlin seemed to concede that Brown could sign a one-day deal to retire a Steeler, but he dismissed any idea of ​​him going back to black and yellow:

“In terms of putting on a helmet and running out of the tunnel and playing ball and things like that, man, he kept going, we kept going. We can sit down and cut that off and pretend it’s a realistic conversation, but we all know that’s not. It’s realistic, man.

“What I will say about AB is this, man. We had nine great years. I appreciate that guy in a way that I can’t explain to you. That I won’t even bother trying to explain it to everyone because it seems like I’m defending it in some way, and for me, from that point of view, the nature of our relationship and what we all did together doesn’t require a defense. . You could digest it however you want to digest it. [Tomlin blows a kiss.] You know what I want to say?”

Brown infamously left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 17 of last season and hasn’t exactly behaved like a person planning to play in the NFL again. He said he would not have necessary ankle surgery until a team signs him in March and openly stated that fans should not expect to see him play football next season in May.

However, he indicated that he wanted to retire with the Steelers.

Would the Steelers organization be up for that? It remains to be seen, though Tomlin went out of his way to praise Brown as a player, while also acknowledging things weren’t handled well on the personal front. In particular, he didn’t use anything other than past tense:

“I don’t think enough is said about that guy’s will. About that guy’s work ethic. About how bravely he played the game. Is fear ever a factor in his game? … Never I’ve seen him blink on the football field. I’ve never seen him shy away from anything that was uncomfortable on the football field. I’ve only seen him run into burning buildings on the football field. We talked about all this other stuff, man. but we don’t talk about that. Incredible will. Incredible work ethic. Incredible belief in himself. That’s what I think of when I think about the nine years I spent with that guy.

“With success comes a lot of things. Some we handled well, some we didn’t. Some she handled well, some she didn’t. Some changed it in ways that weren’t all that appealing. It grew and grew big… Success is a red carpet slippery”.

If this is truly for Brown, he will retire with 928 career receptions, 12,291 receiving yards and 83 touchdowns, with seven Pro Bowl nominations, a Super Bowl ring and a spot on the 2010 NFL All-Decades Team. Pretty good for a 5-foot-10 sixth-rounder from Central Michigan.

Brown’s spike in Pittsburgh was one of the highest the sport of football has seen from a wide receiver, but even his most successful coaches will admit there are things he could have handled better.

Antonio Brown is more focused on his rap career these days. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

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