Nothing phone (1) will initially be sold by invitation only

Nothing phone (1) will initially be sold by invitation only

Nothing’s PR machine is back, this time releasing a new video detailing the design and manufacturing process. While the use of recycled aluminum materials is interesting, the juiciest tidbit comes towards the end, when it’s revealed that the Nothing (1) phone will initially be sold by invitation only.

The video talks about an invitation system that will allow Nothing to sell their products faster and also get them into the hands of the people who deserve it most. Nothing’s co-founder and CEO, Carl Pei, should be extremely familiar with this strategy, as it’s the exact same method that was employed at his previous venture, OnePlus. The number of invites will be limited at first and will increase as production increases.

The Nothing team explains that since the company is small, it does not have the capacity to produce millions of devices with the intention of selling. Pei says that Nada had two options: wait and accumulate amounts or sell the phone (1) as it comes off the line. The team opted to go with the latter. Pei also cited the launch of the ear (1) as a warning, stating that the company could only sell the accessory once a week and that it would sell out immediately. The team did not want history to repeat itself and decided to rely on an invite system for the next phone launch.

Nothing seems to really want to put the phone in the hands of early adopters. But judging by his actions, he also wants to put the first 100 phones in the hands of the highest bidders. Until now, the company has focused on sharing the main aesthetic features of the phone, such as the customizable LEDs on the back known as the Glyph Interface. While the phone looks quite different compared to its competitors, it will really come down to how well the phone performs and what its price is. The Nothing (1) phone is expected to launch on July 12.

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