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Nothing’s transparent Phone 1 won’t be coming to North America

Nothing’s debut, the Phone 1 smartphone, will not be coming to the US, the company confirmed to PCMag. “While we would love to bring Phone 1 to the entire community around the world, we are focusing on domestic markets, including the UK and Europe,” the company said in a statement. However, he added that “a limited number of investors from our private community” could get one in the US through a closed beta program.

Nothing showed off the device for the first time last week on Twitter following a mockery of founder Carl Pei. The most notable feature is a transparent back, revealing a wireless charging coil and a mysterious pattern that lights up. The company has also promised “an open and diverse product ecosystem” and the pure Android Nothing operating system.

The company further explained that “it takes a lot to launch a smartphone…from ensuring the phone is compatible with the country’s cellular technologies to partnering with carriers and local regulation, and since we’re still a young brand, we need to be strategic about it’s.” Even people in the closed beta program are likely to have issues with coverage and lack of support for features like voice over LTE, according to PCMag. Nothing made a similar reveal when the first 100 phones went on sale on StockX.

Still, Nothing has North American ambitions. “We have big plans to release a US compatible smartphone in the future,” the company wrote. The Nothing Phone 1 will debut in London on July 12; you can watch it via live stream if you RSVP in advance.

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