Point Guard Rumors: Brogdon, Knicks, Wizards, Morris, Murray

Point Guard Rumors: Brogdon, Knicks, Wizards, Morris, Murray

Although the wizards and the knicks They are the two teams that have discussed a possible malcolm brogdon trade with him pacemakerpeople around the league are skeptical that either team will include their 2022 lottery pick in a package for Brogdon, says Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report.

If those league officials are right, that means a Brogdon trade could end up looking more like Portland’s deal for straw grant. The Trail Blazers are giving up future picks (and a 2022 second-round pick trade) for Grant, but are not including this year’s No. 7 overall pick. The Wizards and Knicks pick 10th and 11th, respectively, and will probably try to hold on to those picks while chasing Brogdon.

According to Fischer, the Wizards have been open to discussing Kyle Kuzma Y Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in trade talks, while the Knicks have explored trade options involving Alex Burks, nerlens noel, Evan Fournier, Kemba WalkerY reddish cam.

Here are some more rumors related to the base market:

  • With the wizards is widely believed to be looking at a trade for a veteran point guard, a potential target worth keeping an eye on is nuggets Guard mount morrisaccording to Josh Robbins and David Aldridge of The Athletic (twitter link).
  • Responding to rumors about Dejounte MurrayPossible availability of Chris Fedor from Cleveland.com tweet that he gentlemen had a conversation with him Spurs on Murray dating back to the trade deadline in February.
  • In addition to Brogdon, Morris and Murray, some other point guards believed to be available via trade this offseason include mike conley of Jazz, terry rozier of hornets, Devon Graham of pelicansY D’Angelo Russell of timber wolvesaccording to Fisher.

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