Splatoon 3 Details Reveal New Map, Weapons, Other Cool Stuff

Splatoon 3 Details Reveal New Map, Weapons, Other Cool Stuff

A screenshot from Splatoon 3 showing a team of four Squidmates preparing for turf war.

Nintendo has been showing a lot Splatoon 3 on Twitter lately, and I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but everything about the upcoming colorful shooter looks sick. There are new customization options for your character, more weapons to experiment with, an additional map to play, a look at the Octolings, and more. Suffice to say, I’m excited and will probably play to the fullest when it hits Switch on September 9. So in case you missed it, let’s check out some of the new Splatoon 3 stuff.

You don’t have to look very far to see the source of all this new information. You can scroll through the official Nintendo social media accounts, but you’ll have better luck going directly to splatoon North America either splatoon Japanverified accounts that post the latest findings from the Squid Research Lab. They are sources for their ink solution that have been sharing new Splatoon 3 details lately.

For example, Squid Research Lab revealed two new Splatoon 3 weapons in April. The first was the ink vacuum cleanera Ghostbustersbackpack vacuum cleaner sucks the ink and returns it with additional power. the other was the triple hit of inka mortar-like weapon that fires three missiles into the air which can then be aimed through throwing beacons. This is just the new equipment. The Squid research lab went a little crazy on Twitter shortly after discovering these weaponry, showing rapid fire “shooter” pistols, slow-moving “loader” rifles, fools roller brushesY so many other categories of go splat instruments.

There is also the new undertow spillway Map. A former flood diversion now transformed into a skirmish zone, the abandoned facility offers all manner of high and low ground areas. And because those lower levels look pretty open while the upper platforms look like ramps, I can see this being a favorite amongst the community. Or at least it’s the one that I will vote for as often as I can.

I can’t forget about additional customization items, either. You have more footwear like Timberlands (Timberinks?) and flip-flops, as well as additional tops and bottoms for your character. There’s also a new set of hairstyles both for the Inklings and for octolings, who closely resemble the Inklings but with “better hair”. I like to think we all have great hair, but maybe it’s just me.

But I have to be honest with all of you. While all this new-new is great, nothing convinces me Splatoon 3 will govern almost as long as the new single from the fictional band Squid Front Roe, “Piss on me now.” The band is a melodic pop-punk quartet and this song is bop. a banger. A whole vibe. Hit, hard. I mean, just listen to the syncopation of the guitars in the verse, the punchy beat of the drums, the nice flourish of the synth before the chorus hits… and then the chorus kicks in and, ugh, it’s tight! As a guitarist who played in metal and pop-punk bands growing up, this is definitely a song I’m going to learn to jam with.

If you didn’t know, I’m totally ready for this game to come out. splatoon 2 it was one of my favorite shooters, a game that perennially stays on my Switch in case I ever want to dive into a match and get mad at my fellow Squidmates for refusing to follow aim. With Splatoon 3 looking like an expanded splatoon 2looks absolutely like my multiplayer shooter of choice this September.

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