Vince Carter's house burglarized on Father's Day, police say

Vince Carter’s house burglarized on Father’s Day, police say

A terrifying scene reportedly hit former NBA All-Star Vince Carter’s home on Father’s Day.

According to an Atlanta Police Department report obtained by USA Today, Carter’s home was broken into while his wife and children were hiding in a closet on Father’s Day. Carter was apparently out of the house at the time.

Carter’s wife, Sondi, told police she was lying in bed with their two children when she heard loud noises coming from the front of the house. She reportedly took her children and hid in the bedroom closet, then called 911 and texted a nearby off-duty officer.

The suspects allegedly searched the entire house and fled when the off-duty officer arrived. The officer herself said she saw an unidentified black man dressed in all black and wearing a mask running on foot, then jumped into a black pickup truck before losing sight of him.

As more units arrived on scene, officers found a large number of $100 bills, eventually counted as $16,100, scattered outside the home, as well as a gold Desert Eagle in a gun case and a Glock. 26 black with an extended magazine. The Desert Eagle was determined to belong to Carter, while the Glock is believed to be owned by the suspect.

Carter reportedly told police over the phone that the $16,000 was just part of a sum of more than $100,000 in cash stored in a brown bag in the master bedroom closet.

Vince Carter has been out of the NBA since 2020. (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

The suspects apparently entered the home by breaking a first-floor window and one of them apparently left a fingerprint on a side door through which they fled. Surveillance videos of the property were also reportedly sent to the police, although none of them faced the street.

No family members were reportedly injured in the incident.

Carter has been retired from the NBA since 2020, after 22 seasons in the league. The likely Hall of Famer currently works as a basketball analyst for ESPN.

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